Addiction to alcohol or other drugs (from barbiturates to cocaine) is a physical and emotional dependence on that substance and the effects it produces.  It involves loss of control, often causing devastating effects on all aspects of the individual’s life, including work, family, and health.

Acupuncture and Addiction
The Ancient Chinese Science of Acupuncture has earned widespread regard in America as an effective treatment for addiction. Success rates can be as high as 50 percent of patients treated with acupuncture.  Please be advised, acupuncture can lead you to the water, but you have to drink.

Acupuncture looks at addiction as an imbalance in the flow of the body’s vital life energy, or Qi, particularly on the kidney, liver, or nervous system meridians (channels).  Using tiny needles inserted in particular acupuncture points on the body, this therapy works to correct the Qi imbalances.  Not only does this ease or eliminate withdrawal symptoms, but the patient’s mind is then prepared to tackle some of the factors that led to the addiction.

Auriculotherapy, a form of acupuncture that treats the entire body through points on the ears, is particularly recommended for addiction treatment. Treatment usually consists of several months of acupuncture sessions coupled with counseling and lifestyle modifications.

One clinical study done in Minneapolis tested acupuncture therapy on the ear of people with severe alcoholism.  Patients who received fake acupuncture therapy had more than twice the number of relapses into drinking than those who received real acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture is often combined with Nutrition Response Testing® and Cupping for ultimate results.

Treatments Needed: It depends on the duration, severity, nature of the complaint and or the ability for the body to heal itself.  6 to 30 or more treatments may be advisable to balance the body.

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